The Gratitude Experiment

Evidence-Based Research Demonstrates Gratitude is a Powerful Tool

Science is now recognizing that the intentional practice of gratitude is one of the simplest, fastest, and most pleasurable ways to change entrenched thinking, combat depression, reduce stress, fear and anxiety. Many studies demonstrate that appreciation improves relationships across all areas, leading to better physical health and feelings of being happy, increase satisfaction, and an attitude of prosperity, abundance and optimism. In fact, people who have an attitude of gratitude view challenges as opportunities to build strength and character. They are more energetic, more determined, and have more resilience during tough times.

So here is the million dollar question: With the promise of so much and the investment so small (5 minutes a day), WHY have we, as a nation, not collectively adopted an attitude of gratitude in one of the most trying periods in our history?

» Here is the Million Dollar Answer!!!

After reading the scientific research, and seeing the results from countless people that's the question we had as well. Consider this:

  • If we consciously choose to keep an attitude of gratitude no matter what life may throw our way, will it really make a difference in the quality of our life?
  • If individually keeping a gratitude journal is a powerful way to remember to stay grateful, then how much more powerful would it be if we collectively kept gratitude journals and shared our gratitude with each other every day?

Gratitude has the extraordinary power to change just about every aspect of life in very surprising ways. Gratitude, if you let it WILL change your life. It is such an incredibly simple thing to do. And, while many things are simple but not easy, this is BOTH.

Just think:

  • What would happen in your life if you spent 100 days showing gratitude? What if you found just one thing to be grateful for every day for the next 100 days?
  • What if you helped to spread this message to all those you knew and got them expressing more gratitude? Could that uplift America? Your community? Your company? Your home? You?
  • Can we individually and collectively uplift the United States of America out of its economic and social slump through adopting a practice of gratitude over the next year?

Right now we need a "game-changer"...one that all Americans if they choose, can participate in both individually and collectively. Gratitude IS that game-changer we need.

So here's the idea. Let's rally the USA, starting first with ourselves through Gratitude!

WHAT: The Gratitude Experiment is a unique, delightful, and fresh experience with broad audience appeal and a profoundly life changing effect for everybody. The purpose of the experiment is to raise the consciousness and vibration level of people throughout the country, starting with your own network and community. We want to encourage, inspire and support those who want to see and feel positive change in their lives. The intent of this experiment is not only to lift people's spirits, and help everyone realize the many aspects in their lives they have to be grateful. It is also to create a constant wave of positive energy that overwhelms the negative environment we have been and in some cases are currently living.

Ready to Commit?

WHY: Every day we hear stories of people who have lost their jobs, homes, businesses, health, etc. What we don't hear are the stories of people who have gotten jobs, bought new homes, regain their health or grown incredible businesses. Encouraging everyone to join the experiment allows us all to enjoy and share the wonderful things that are happening in the world! Sharing is caring and you never know who may need an inspiring quote, motivational saying or a quick pick me up to carry them through the day!

WHEN: Starting Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012 - March 1, 2013 (this is the period we will use to get people on-board). The 100-day aspect of the experiment gives time for your brain to create new neural pathways and this makes it much easier for you to change how you think.

WHO: You and all Americans.

GOAL: Our goal is simple: during this period get one million or more people from across the country to commit to practicing an attitude of gratitude for the experiment period of 100 days. You can join the experiment anytime during the 100-day period.

THE IMPACT: Think of it like this. Personally you will see your life change for the better in amazing ways. Collectively we will experience an enormous positive energy that supercharges our country. Let's say 10,000 people make the commitment on day one and make an entry into their gratitude journal. They would represent the first wave of positive energy. The second day 10,000 or more people make the commitment and make their first entry. They would represent the second wave of positive energy. Each day as people join in the waves of positive energy keep getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger just like ocean waves that constantly hit our shoreline. It may start out as a small ripple, but as more people join in it will quickly escalate to a thunderous roar.

Ready Now?


1. Personally commit to write down at least one thing in your life you are thankful for the next 100 days. You can use the "Gratitude Journal: 100 Days of Thanksgiving" or another beautiful blank journal of your choosing to write your gratitude statements every single day.

2. Tell your entire network about the Gratitude Experiment. Share on your Facebook wall, in your groups, on fan pages, in newsletters and blog posts, everywhere and anywhere you can think of and get your entire social media community sharing their gratitude as well.

3. Register for the monthly e-newsletter: "Let Me Count the Ways" to stay informed and stay connected.

4. Create your own gratitude circle. Invite friends, co-workers or family members to join you with the experiment. After all these are the people you spend most of your time with. Wouldn't you want them to be uplifted too, as well as provide a positive-energy that can be reflected back to you?

5. Go to the official Gratitude Experiment website and post your commitment by entering your full name, city, state and date of YOUR first gratitude journal entry.

If enough people would adopt an attitude of gratitude on a sustained basis, we could dramatically change the vibration of humanity's collective consciousness. It was best said by Jason Andrews in an interview with John Randolph Price in the book, "The Superbeings".

"The good of the whole must begin with the good of the individual...you help the world when you help yourself. Remember, we are all one, all waves in the same ocean and one man's consciousness of abundance and well-being with its outer manifestation releases more light into the race consciousness for the benefit of all. So start with yourself."

To read the prevailing gratitude research you can start by clicking this link.

If you would like to join the Gratitude Experiment and get a GJ100 journal, click here.

Thank you!!!

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